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The LUHC Archives

Lancaster University Hiking Club has had a long and rich history, right from its conception back in 1967 to the thriving club it has become nowadays. Unfortunately, over the years, the wealth of logs and photographs taken back in the early days has been poorly managed and in many cases, lost for good.

Numerous web officers in recent years have attempted to catalogue the history of the club, and probably most successful were the attempts by the LUHC Alumni group back at the start of the last decade. With the demise of their website however, these archives have dissappeared and finding information about the club in days-gone-by is becoming increasingly difficult.

I have hence taken it upon myself to at least make an attempt to collect a history of the club and perhaps recover some of these lost archives. This is very much a work-in-progress which I suspent won't be finished for a good while yet. If you have anything at all that you think may be useful to us, then please get in touch at hiking@lancaster.ac.uk.

Here are some photos from way-back-when to keep you going: