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Executive Committee

The Exec is the group of volunteers that get elected to run the club for a year and whose duties range from organising the weekly trips to making sure we don’t run out of money. At least one member can be found every weekday during term time in the Faraday Foyer from 1-2pm, or at our Monday evening socials (check out the Diary tab at the top). Whilst they aren't paid for their hard work, they do get the privilege of lifetime membership for free!

Past and present execs

  • 2019-20 (Current Exec)

    President: Chris Williams, Vice President: Amber Rowland

  • 2018-19

    President: Sam Whitehouse, Vice President: Helen Shaw

  • 2017-18

    President: Dan Walker, Vice President: Amy Oliver

  • 2016-17

    President: Dan Whiles, Vice President: Laurie Butler

  • 2015-16

    President: Emma Pearce, Vice President: Stephen Sammons

  • 2014-15

    President: Dominic Cozzi, Vice President: Tom Hardie

  • 2013-14

    President: Alison Hardwick, Vice President: Dominic Cozzi

  • 2012-13

    President: Sarah Roberts, Vice President: Xanthe Rann

  • 2011-12

    President: Hannah Ostermeyer, Vice President: Sam Harrison

Elections and the Annual Dinner

Elections typically happen in February each year, with those elected taking up their positions after the old Exec officially hands over to the new Exec at the Annual Dinner that happens around the same time. Anyone is free to stand for an Exec position, although the positions of President and Vice President have to be filled by a current student.

All candidates for the election have to stand up against fierce competition - our club sheep Ron.

The Annual Dinner takes place in a different venue each year (at the discretion of the old Exec) and always promises to be a great evening with lots of laughs. Anyone is free to attend and sign ups for it will be taken in the Faraday foyer a few weeks before.


Whilst there are nine positions on the Exec, it is commonplace for there to be two Social Secretaries and two Publicity Officers.

  • President: Runs weekly Exec meetings, liaises with LUSU, organises the Exec, creates the members handbook, organises the Freshers' Fair campaign, deals with important issues that arise and takes legal responsibility of LUHC.
  • Vice President: Organises trips (books campsites, books bunk houses, finds drivers, books minibuses and sends out trip emails). Stands in when the President isn't available.
  • Secretary: Sends weekly newsletter, takes minutes at Exec meetings, makes room bookings and chases up errands that other exec members need doing. Comes up with (or steals off someone else) a "top tip for the week" which is put on every newsletter!
  • Treasurer: Sets budgets for trips and socials. Makes sure bills are paid and accounted for. Keeps us from using up our contingency fund.
  • Safety Officer: Arranges safety meetings, navigation skills evenings, first aid training and any other training that is requested, as well as making sure the Code of Practice is being followed. Makes sure members are aware of the terms and conditions of the club and of the dangers hiking can involve.
  • Gear Officer: Maintains and organises the club kit. Makes sure all the kit needed for each trip is ready for the minibus drivers to pickup. Chases up gear that is missing/borrowed. Buys new gear to replace old/lost kit.
  • Social Secretaries: Organises additional events in the LUHC social calendar such as bar crawls, BBQ's, Big Weekend and Social Weekend.
  • Publicity Officers: Advertises socials, trips and other events. Responsible for the big yellow posters plastered around campus (please direct complaints to them!).
  • Web officer: An ever-increasing role that includes the building and maintenance of this new website (and writing all this info you're reading!), email accounts, Facebook page, Twitter profile and Google+ page, along with background services such as the member and trip databases. As of the 2018 exec, the Web Officer is also responsible for LUSU events management.