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Exec of 2011/12

The exec of 2011/2012 has an unusually high number of physicists - half of us study the subject! From serious peak-bagging to gentle rambles, and from real ale to smoky tea, we've got it all covered and do our best to represent the rest of the club as well as possible.


Hannah Ostermeyer

Position: President
Course & year:
3rd year Biomedical Science
College: Grizedale
3 Munros or £30? Munros please
Favourite area: Glencoe
Responsible for: Making sure the club runs smoothly and being a bit crazy
Favourite drink: Ales - Fraoch and Kasteel (a ridiculously strong beer!)
Likes: Bum sliding on snow down a mountain
Dislikes: Getting a wet bum sitting down on a rainy mountain
Most likely to say: Anything, not very good at shutting up!
Favourite pub: Clachaig Inn, Glencoe
Spotted on a hike: Offering Haribo to everyone
Aspirations: To stop all-nighters doing uni work
Weapon of choice: Ice axe when the exec aren't behaving!

Sam Harrison

Position: Vice President & Web Officer
Course & Year: 4th year Physics
College: Lonsdale
Responsible for: Organising trips, this website
Favourite mountain: Cir Mhor (on Arran) - nice and scrambley with epic views!
Bimbler or bagger? Definite bagger
Most likely seen on a hill: Running...
...in: Short shorts!
Favourite pub: Grad Bar, although after reading Hannah's answer I'd also like to include the Clachaig!
Aspirations: To complete the Bob Graham and Paddy Buckley rounds before I'm 30!
Plans for summer 2011: A month in the Alps and Pyrenees!

Charlotte Herbert

Position: Secretary
Course & Year: 2nd year Geography
College: Grizedale
Responsible for: Taking minutes at the meeting and sending out the newsletter
Most likely to say: Ooh!
Also known as: Kenneth

John Wallbank

Position: Tresurer
Course & Year: 3rd year PhD Physics
College: Grad
Responsible for: Speculation on novel, innovative and devious methods for extracting the maximum amount of money possible from UGs.
Bimbler or bagger? Sometimes it's all about ticking them off a list!
Favourite area: Fort William area
Favourite drink: Brew Dog: 5am Saint "iconoclastic amber ale"
Spotted on a hike: Singing
Tom G

Tom Graham

Position: Safety Officer
Course & Year: 2nd year Physics
College: Bowland
Responsible for: Making sure no one dies!
Bimbler or bagger? Bagger
Favourite area: Dartmoor
Favourite drink: Doom Bar (Sharp's Brewery)
Likes: Taking my boots off after a long walk
Dislikes: Smelling my boots after a long walk
Spotted on a hike: Dropping and breaking my camera
Favourite seat on the minibus: On the roof
Aspirations: To graduate
Weapon of choice: A snowball

Josh Warren

Position: Gear Officer
Course & Year: 2nd year Physics
College: Fylde
Responsible for: Ensuring you all have the equipment to cling to a mountainside ("you've all got hands right? Awesome – my job done!")
3 Munros or £30? 3 Munros any day – if the option for the epic is there so am I!
Favourite mountain: Got to be Tryfan
Favourite drink: Just back from France: Got to be wine!
Likes: Anything on/in water, Ultimate Frisbee
Dislikes: People who moan about their course all the time – you choose it mate!
Most likely to say: "Awesome", "totally stoked!"
Spotted on a hike: Hurtling head first down a hill when everyone else was gracefully bum sliding
Aspirations: Ocean Racing
Weapon of choice: A duck...
Last seen: Waking up on the Eurostar heading for Brussels when I was meant to get off at that stop to change train to go to Paris!
Tom C

Tom Chilcott

Position: Publicity Officer
Course & Year: 2nd year Geography
3 Munros or £30? £30 bar tab and then 3 Munros
Favourite area: West of Jungfrau and Eiger, Switzerland
Favourite drink: A nice single malt, no ice.
Likes: Shiny new gear
Favourite pub: The Borough - it just feels right...
Responsible for: Bombarding you with (occasionally rude) posters
Spotted on a hike: Looking for ice, even in August
Weapon of choice: Black Diamond ice tools, or a BBQ temperature probe, depending on the season.

Andrew Green

Position: Publicity Officer
Course: 4th year Management and Entrepreneurship
College: Grizedale
Responsible for: All the lovely yellow posters you see around campus
3 Munros or £30 bar tab? 3 Munros!
Favourite area: Snowdonia
Favourite drink: Cider and red wine!
Likes: Hiking and gliding
Most likely to say: "Look at those clouds"
Favourite pub: White Cross
Spotted on a hike: In the sea on the Big Weekend!
Aspirations: Business owner
Weapon of choice: A kangaroo

Matt Young

Position: Social Secretary
Course: 4th year Physics
College: Cartmel
Responsible for: Fun, games and BBQs
Last seen: Buried under a pile of books about quantum dots
Spotted on a hike: Fashioning a rather fetching straw hat (that we're all secretly a bit jealous of)
3 Munros or £30? 3 Munros
Favourite drink: A nice pint of real ale
Plans for summer 2011: The Alps!

Holli Jayne Youster

Position: Social Secretary
Course: 2nd year Social Work
College: Bowland
Responsible for: Making sure everyone has a ruddy good time!
Bimbler or bagger? I wish I could say bagger, but I can't keep up with these lot, so I'll go with hardcore bimbler!
Favourite mountain: Best one I've been to would have to be Ben Nevis I think
Favourite drinks: Amaretto/coke, dark ales, JD/coke
Likes: rainbows, smiles, everything happy
Dislikes: people being rude and ignoring people
Most likely to say: Oh gosh!
Favourite pub: Borough, White Cross, Merchants and Water Witch
Spotted on a hike: At the back!
Aspirations: Helping fix the now very messed up social services especially in mental health
Weapon of choice: A banana