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Exec of 2012/13

This year's Exec has a good mixture of new and old faces, and quite a few of us have held positions before. Our new president Sarah used to be Treasurer a few years back, and our "Safety" Officer Steven has held the same role before. Myself and Matt are staying on as Web Officer and Gear Officer respectively.

Updates: In October 2012, Xanthe decided that she didn't have time to be the Vice President anymore. We held an EGM and Matt was elected as the new VP, opting to split the Gear Officer role between the rest of the exec.


Sarah Roberts

Position: President
Course & year:
3rd year Maths
College: Fylde
Responsible for: Keeping the Exec in line!
Bimbler or bagger? Bagger
Favourite mountain: Castle Mountain, Banff, Canada (Not climbed this one but it looks amazing!)
Favourite cheese: Brie
Favourite drink: J2O / Vodka and Coke
Favourite pub: The Borough
Likes: Skiing
Dislikes: Falling over
Spotted on a hike: Bum sliding / being blown over by the wind (into small ponds!)
Weapon of choice: Ron
Favourite seat on the minibus: Second row

Xanthe Rann

Position: Vice President
Course & Year: 2nd year English Literature with Creative Writing
College: County
Responsible for: Organising trips
Bimbler or bagger? Bimbler, but would rather 3 Munros over £30 (slowly though)
Favourite cheese: Soft goats cheese, preferably unpasturized
Favourite whiskey: Balvenie Double Oak
Favourite drink: Water
Favourite pub: Robert Gillow
Spotted on a hike: Wearing a brightly coloured jumper / eating flapjack
Aspirations: To become a leader
Weapon of choice: Eloquence
Favourite seat on minibus: In good weather, the roof
Franky Garnsey

Franky Garnsey

Position: Secretary
Course & Year: 3rd year History
College: County
Responsible for: Taking minutes at meetings, and sending out cheerful weekly emails
Favourite area: North West Coast of Scotland
Favourite cheese: Love a bit of goat!
Favourite drink: Tea
Spotted on a hike: scoffing John's fig rolls
Aspirations: To live by the sea, with chickens, a goat and Daniel Craig

Calum Ross

Position: Tresurer
Course & Year: 3rd year Theoretical Physics
College: Bowland
Responsible for: Club finances
Bimbler or bagger? Bagger
Favourite mountain Ben Klibreck
Favourite cheese: Arran Mustard cheese (or it may be called Arran mustard, cheddar I can't quiet remember)
Favourite whiskey: 18 year old Bowmore
Favourite drink: Tea (currently Darjeeling First Flush but I am also partial to Ceylon Silver tip)
Also known as: Gollum (apparently)
Favourite seat on the minibus: The one with lots of leg room next to the door

Steven Edge

Position: Safety Officer
Course & Year: 3rd year Earth and Environmental Science
What he has to say: Hey, I'm Steven the safety officer. I try to do as little as possible whilst still seeming competent and having fun by leading by example in terms of what not to do. I spent a year away in Boulder, Colorado. Quick warning, if you have any food or whiskey, don't offer it to me else it will disappear very, very quickly. If you have any questions feel free to approach me, I'm always glad of the distraction from work I should be doing.
Responsible for: Whatever I can't get out of doing, mostly sorting out leaders, drivers and courses
Bimbler or bagger? When I have the time I'll mix a day of bagging with a day of bimbling.
Favourite area: The Cairngorms
Favourite cheese: Appledore
Favourite whiskey: Whatever I can get really
Favourite drink: Cider or Whiskey
Favourite pub: The Borough
Likes: Food, pubs, scrambling, bum sliding
Dislikes: Work and safe activities
Spotted on a hike: Doing something rather mad and unsafe, or stealing all the food
Aspirations: To do as little as possible whilst still being successful
Also known as: Sedge (apparently)

Matt Young

Position: Gear Officer
Course & Year: 1st year of physics PhD
College: Cartmel
Responsible for: Stopping the portacabin from becomming a mess!
3 Munros or £30? £30 so I can go on a weekend trip, I'm more interested in the whole experience than just 'bagging' summits (excluding shite weather)
Favourite area: Ecrins National Park, Alps
Favourite cheese: Garstang Blue
Favourite whiskey: Laphroaig
Favourite drink: Lime & soda - because I'm cheap!
Spotted on a hike: Walking?
Favourite seat on minibus: Front middle!

Emma Woodrow

Position: Publicity Officer
Course & Year: 2nd year Geography and Spanish
College: Lonsdale
Responsible for: The big yellow posters round campus
Favourite area: Around home in Gloucestershire!
Favourite cheese: Absolutely love mozzarella and grilled halloumi
Favourite drink: Winter pimms, kind of obsessed with cinammon
Favourite pub: Merchants
Dislikes: Terrified of cows!
Most likely to say: Something related to food or hot drinks!
Spotted on a hike: Probably gossiping to Alison
Aspirations: Hike right down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

Alison Hardwick

Position: Publicity Officer
Course: 2nd year Geography
College: Lonsdale
Responsible for: Invading campus with yellow posters!
Favourite mountain: Has to be Ben Nevis
Favourite drink: Love a good glass of Rosé
Favourite pub: J.P Joules back home in Manchester, Merchants here in Lancaster
Spotted on a hike: Having soggy socks!
Aspirations: Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and Three-Peaks Challenge (Both unlikely to happen, I'm too lazy!)

Simon Clarke

Position: Social Secretary
Course: 2nd year Business Studies
College: Fylde
Responsible for: Fun, fun and good times!
£30 or 3 Munros: Can I have both?
Favourite area: Lake District & The Alps
Favourite whiksey: All of them!
Favourite drink: Anything with a % sign... Oh, and orange squash!
Favourite Pub: They're all good, but The Clachaig Inn’s epic!
Likes: Happy, enthusiastic people and chips with burger sauce
Dislikes: Marmite
Most likely to say: That's epic!
Spotted on a hike: Singing, hung-over or both
Aspirations: To grow up and become a mature, responsible adult (one day)!
Weapon of choice: A boomerang! Oh wait...
Also known as: The walking, talking iPod / Jukebox
Favourite seat on the minibus: In the corner, at the back (to sleep!)
Franky Mayson

Franky Mayson

Position: Social Secretary
Course: 3rd year Occupational Therapy
College: University of Cumbria
Responsible for: Socialisation!
Bimbler or bagger? Bimbler
Favourite area: Alps!
Favourite cheese: Goats Cheese... melted
Favourite whiskey: I used to know a dog called Whiskey, he was pretty cool
Favourite drink: Gin and tonic
Likes: Sunshine
Dislikes: People who moan
Most likely to say: Whoops
Spotted on a hike: At the back... usually gossiping
Aspirations: Just to be cool
Weapon of choice: Bernese Mountain Dog
Also known as: To hiking folk probably: 'the other Franky'
Favourite seat on minibus: the Priority seat

Sam Harrison

Position: Web Officer
Course: 1st year of physics PhD
College: Lonsdale
Responsible for: Keeping this website and the Member Database ship-shape
Bimbler or bagger? Definite bagger!
Favourite area: Too many to choose from! Probably the Écrins National Park in the Alps
Favourite mountain: Cir Mhor on Arran - nice and scrambley with epic views!
Favourite cheese: Dovedale Blue or Tomme de Chevre (unpasteurised mountain goat's cheese)
Favourite whiskey: Ardbeg
Favourite drink: I'm a bit of a coffee snob...
Favourite pub: The Brewery Tap in Chester, otherwise the Clachaig
Likes: Really cold but sunny, still and dry weather
Spotted on a hike: Running
Aspirations: To complete the Bob Graham and Paddy Buckley rounds before I'm 30
Favourite seat on minibus: The driver's seat!