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Exec of 2013/14

There is a good mixture of old and new faces in this year's exec; myself (Sam), Calum, Alison, Emma and Xanthe will be staying on. The number of physicists on the exec has, unfortunately, dwindled in current years, and now it's the geographers that are in the majority!


Alison Hardwick

Position: President
Course & year:
2nd year Geography
College: Lonsdale
Responsible for: Attempting to keep the club running successfully!
Bimbler or bagger? Hardcore bimbler aspiring to be a bagger!
Favourite area: The beautiful Lakes
Favourite cheese: Goats cheese!
Favourite drink: Love a good glass of Rosé
Favourite pub: J.P Joules back home in Manchester and Merchants here in Lancaster
Likes: Making fun of Emma!
Spotted on a hike: Trying to push a singing Simon off the mountain!
Nickname: Alibobs Herdwick

Dominic Cozzi

Position: Vice President
Course & Year: 1st year Geography
College: Cartmel
Responsible for: Organisation of trips and transport, admin
Bimbler or bagger? More of a bimbler
Favourite area? Anywhere in the Lake District
Favourite cheese: Any type of blue cheese, especially stilton
Favourite drink: Disaronno on ice
Likes: Hiking (of course), aircraft, mediterranean food
Dislikes: Rude people, campus laundrettes, rain
Spotted on a hike: Being fascinated by all of the real life geography!
Most likely to say: "Are we at the pub yet?" Aspirations: Survive my degree, complete the three peaks challenge, be successful
Favourite seat on minibus: At the back

Emma Woodrow

Position: Secretary
Course & Year: 2nd year Geography with Spanish
College: Lonsdale
Responsible for: Writing all the colourful newsletters!
Favourite area: At home in the Cotswolds but love the Lake District too
Favourite cheese: Still has to be halloumi
Favourite drink: Again still pimms!
Favourite pub: Ooo that's tricky, Lancaster has some good ones!
Likes: Being in the outdoors
Dislikes: Being stuck inside on a sunny day
Most likely to say: GUYYYYSSS...
Spotted on a hike: Having a laugh, usually at myself!
Aspirations: Hike right down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

Alexandros Iosif Katsaitis

Position: Tresurer
Course & Year: MA in Language and Linguistics
College: Graduate
Responsible for: Control club finances
£30 or 3 Munros? Give me £30 to minimize the cost of travelling
Favourite area Kampos (Syros, Greece)
Favourite cheese: Feta
Favourite drink: Red wine
Favourite pub: The Borough
Likes: Having lunch in the countryside
Dislikes: Wind
Spotted on a trip: Trying to remove water from his tent (Glencoe, Michaelmas Term)
Weapon of choice: Book
Also known as: Alex
Favourite seat on the minibus: Fourth row - middle seat

Harry Golding

Position: Safety Officer
Course & Year: 2nd year Philosophy
College: Furness
Favourite area: Patterdale
Favourite cheese: Camembert
Favourite whisky: Glenfiddich
Favourite drink: Tea
Favourite pub: That would be my local back home but in Lancaster I'm a big fan of The Merchants
Likes: Withnail and I
Spotted on a hike: Walking
Aspirations: Climb all the Wainwrights
Favourite seat on the minibus: The single near the door with all the leg room

Calum Ross

Position: Gear Officer
Course & Year: 3rd year Theoretical Physics
College: Bowland
Responsible for: Maintaining the disorder of the garage
Bimbler or bagger? Bagger
Favourite mountain Ben Klibreck
Favourite cheese: Arran Mustard cheese (or it may be called Arran mustard, cheddar I can't quiet remember)
Favourite whisky: 18 year old Bowmore
Favourite drink: Tea (currently Darjeeling First Flush but I am also partial to Ceylon Silver tip)
Also known as: Gollum (apparently)
Favourite seat on the minibus: The one with lots of leg room next to the door

Will Mansfield

Position: Publicity Officer
Course & Year: 1st year Geography
College: Lonsdale
Responsible for: Publicity of the club (essentially drawing sheep on posters)
Bimbler or bagger? Bagger
Favourite mountain: Tryfan
Favourite cheese: Camembert
Favourite drink: Excessive amounts of coffee
Likes: Bacon
Dislikes: Not bacon
Spotted on a hike: Trying to look badass with an ice axe and failing
Weapon of choice: Interpretive dance
Aspirations: Making it into the Jamaican bobsleigh team
Favourite seat on the minibus: Anywhere I can stretch my legs out and sleep

Alex Norton

Position: Publicity Officer
Course: 2nd year Computer Science
College: Pendle
Responsible for: Designing beautiful yellow posters to put up round campus
Bimbler or bagger? Somewhere in between
Favourite area: Rhossili Bay, South Wales
Favourite cheese: Not done much exploring of the world of cheeses but I do like a smoked cheddar
Favourite whisky: Whatever I'm being plied with
Favourite drink: A nice strong hoppy IPA. Or tea, lots of it.
Favourite pubs: Lancaster: The Water Witch, Tap House, Borough and Grad Bar. Oxford: The Turf Tavern on a warm summer evening.
Likes: Music, cycling, running, Apple products, travel, cats, beer
Dislikes: Meat, spiders, horses, dogs, reggae, Sugarhouse
Spotted on a hike: Rapidly taking off clothes and putting them back on in an effort to regulate my body temperature
Aspirations: To make up for doing hardly anything in my first year by doing as much as possible this year and next, all while not failing my degree!

Chloe Hanmore

Position: Social Secretary
Course: 3rd year Earth and Environmental Science
College: Cartmel
Responsible for: Organising socials that rock! (Geology pun intended)
Bimbler or bagger? I'd like to bag all 214 Lakeland Fells but I'm probably a bimbler!
Favourite area: The Lake District
Favourite cheese: Any French cheese or cheddar
Favourite drink: Hot chocolate after a long hike in cold weather
Favourite pub: The Park or The Borough - both have nice veggie food
Likes: Travelling and photography

Xanthe Rann

Position: Social Secretary
Course: 2nd year Linguistics with Creative Writing
College: County
Responsible for: Socialising
Bimbler or bagger? Bimbler
Favourite area: Eskdale is very pretty
Favourite cheese: Garstang Blue
Favourite whisky: The one to the left of Glenmorangie in Trev. Lagavulin?
Favourite drink: Water
Favourite pub: The Bourough for food, the Gillow for music and hot chocolate, White Cross for chips, Waterwitch for a cheeseboard and the Stockton Cross (back home) for cider
Likes: Cheese, whisky, cider, food, being outside, singing, swimming
Dislikes: Bagging, organisation, driving minibusses, people who insist upon silence
Spotted on a hike: Rarely
Aspirations: Learn to run
Weapon of choice: Eloquence
Favourite seat on minibus: Anywhere but the driver's seat

Sam Harrison

Position: Web Officer
Course: 1st year of physics PhD
College: Graduate
Responsible for: Keeping this website and the Member Database ship-shape, managing social networking media
Bimbler or bagger? Definite bagger!
Favourite area: The Isle of Skye, or the remotest parts of the Cairngorms
Favourite mountain: Either Cir Mhor on Arran or Bla Bheinn on Skye
Favourite cheese: Dovedale Blue or Tomme de Chevre (unpasteurised mountain goat's cheese)
Favourite whisky: Ardbeg
Favourite drink: Coffee, a nice pint of stout or a glass of red wine
Favourite pub: The Brewery Tap in Chester, otherwise the Clachaig
Likes: Really cold but sunny, still and dry weather
Spotted on a hike: Running
Aspirations: To win a Lakes classic fell race (e.g. Borrowdale, Ennerdale) and to complete the Bob Graham round
Favourite seat on minibus: The driver's seat!