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Exec of 2014/15

This year we welcome Dom, last year's VP, back as president to lead us through the next year. Harry and Alex are staying on temporarily and I'm still around as Web Officer. Unfortunately we're down to just the one full-time physicist, though David does do half maths and half physics!


Dominic Cozi

Position: President
Course & year:
2nd year BSc Geography
College: Cartmell
Responsible for: Overseeing the successful running of the club, running weekly exec meetings, liaising with LUSU, keeping the exec in line!
Bimbler or bagger? Becoming more of a bagger, especially with Wainwrights
3 Munros or £30? 3 Munros
Favourite area: Anywhere in the Lake District, although developing a love for The Scottish Highlands!
Favourite cheese: Garstang Blue
Favourite drink: Fine wines and real ales
Favourite pub: The Waterwitch
Likes: Mediterranean Food, Commercial Aviation, sunny days in Lancaster
Dislikes: People who undermine the importance of geography!
Most likely to say: Chaps!
Spotted on a hike: munching on my habitual pre-hike pork pie or opening a bag of jelly sweets!
Aspirations: Hike all of the Wainwrights
Weapon of choice: Impressive Geographical facts
Nickname: The Domatron (apparently!) or just Dom
Favourite seat on minibus: Upfront, next to the driver

Tom Hardie

Position: Vice President

Holly Smith

Position: Secretary
Course & Year: 2nd year History and Philosophy
College: Grizedale
Responsible for: Writing the newsletters and recording the meetings
Favourite area: Close to Home in the Yorkshire Dales
Favourite cheese: Halloumi
Favourite drink: A good cup of tea!
Favourite pub: The Waterwitch or the Borough
Likes: Hiking, music, cats, travelling, books, food
Spotted on a hike: Falling over and then trying to get up without anyone noticing
Aspirations: To make the most of being in Lancaster while I'm here!

Benjamin Paske

Position: Treasurer
Course & Year: PhD computer science
College: Graduate
Responsible for: Money
£30 or 3 Munros? 3 Munros given blencathera is worth about 1.6 million
Favourite area Western Highlands
Favourite cheese: Like lots of cheese
Favourite drink: Old Peculiar
Favourite pub: The White Cross
Likes: Sarcasm and pointless questionnaires
Dislikes: The Dalton Rooms
Most likely to say: That looks pretty spicy
Spotted on a hike: Yes
Aspirations: To finish this questionnaire
Weapon of choice: Minigun
Nickname: None
Favourite seat on the minibus: Extra legroom

Tom Roethenbaugh

Position: Safety Officer
Course & Year: Ecology year 2
College: Pendle
Responsible for: Pink sheets !!!
£30 or 3 Munros? 3 Munros Favourite mountain: Haystacks
Favourite cheese: Applewood smoked cheddar
Favourite drink: Caledonian Pale Ale
Favourite pub: Undecided
Likes: Running/Gym/Travelling
Dislikes: Revision/Parmessan cheese
Most likely to say: Kau mauuu / Sure thing buddy
Spotted on a hike: In the distance
Aspirations: See the world
Weapon of choice: Sabahan Parang
Nickname: Action man
Favourite seat on the minibus: Backseat

David Thomas

Position: Gear Officer
Course & Year: 1st year Maths and Physics
College: County!
Responsible for: Equipment
Favourite area Anywhere sunny
Favourite cheese: Camembert
Favourite whisky: Talisker
Favourite drink: A dark ale
Favourite pub: White Cross
Likes: Camping, fire, knives
Weapon of choice: Knife
Favourite seat on the minibus: Up front

Marguerite Walley

Position: Publicity Officer
Course & Year: Going into third year studying History and Philosophy
College: Furness
Responsible for: Making pretty posters, hoodies etc
Bimbler or bagger: Aspiring bagger
3 Munros or £30: 3 Munros
Favourite area: Pretty much anywhere in the Lakes
Favourite cheese: I can't pick just one!
Favourite drink: A good cuppa tea
Favourite pub: Trevor, full of college pride
Likes: hiking, Italian food, singing, travelling
Dislikes: spiders, injections, being angry
Spotted on a hike: Humming The Hobbit tune pretending to be Merry or Pippin
Nicknames: Maggie/Mags
Favourite seat on the minibus: In the middle so I can chat to people!

Harry Golding

Position: Publicity Officer
Course & Year: 2nd year Philosophy
College: Furness
Favourite area: Patterdale
Favourite cheese: Camembert
Favourite whisky: Glenfiddich
Favourite drink: Tea
Favourite pub: That would be my local back home but in Lancaster I'm a big fan of The Merchants
Likes: Withnail and I
Spotted on a hike: Walking
Aspirations: Climb all the Wainwrights
Favourite seat on the minibus: The single near the door with all the leg room

Alex Norton

Position: Social Secretary
Course: 2nd year Computer Science
College: Pendle
Responsible for: Designing beautiful yellow posters to put up round campus
Bimbler or bagger? Somewhere in between
Favourite area: Rhossili Bay, South Wales
Favourite cheese: Not done much exploring of the world of cheeses but I do like a smoked cheddar
Favourite whisky: Whatever I'm being plied with
Favourite drink: A nice strong hoppy IPA. Or tea, lots of it.
Favourite pubs: Lancaster: The Water Witch, Tap House, Borough and Grad Bar. Oxford: The Turf Tavern on a warm summer evening.
Likes: Music, cycling, running, Apple products, travel, cats, beer
Dislikes: Meat, spiders, horses, dogs, reggae, Sugarhouse
Spotted on a hike: Rapidly taking off clothes and putting them back on in an effort to regulate my body temperature
Aspirations: To make up for doing hardly anything in my first year by doing as much as possible this year and next, all while not failing my degree!

Sam Daft

Position: Social Secretary
Course: None and none...though it's my ninth year in Lancaster and I have got my MA in Philosophy
College: Moved around a lot, but Furness now and always!
Responsible for: wait, I'm responsible for something? That's a bad idea....but if you insist. Social Secretary
Bimbler or bagger? Bimbler
Favourite area: Ullswater, no contest
Favourite cheese: Brie
Favourite whisky: Fireball Whisky...give me sweets in alcohol any day
Favourite drink: Lemonade and Lime (from my tee-totalling days)
Favourite pub: The Coledale Head Inn
Likes: Walking, sheep, nature (good I'm in the Hiking Club then) and all types of food and music
Dislikes: People who bother me before 10am
Most likely to say: Shuddup (it's a south London thing)
Spotted on a hike: chasing sheep/eating my fave hiking snack, a Club Sandwich!
Weapon of choice: My bubbling hatred!
Favourite seat on the minibus: All back of the bus :)

Sam Harrison

Position: Web Officer
Course: 2nd year of physics PhD
College: Graduate
Responsible for: Keeping this website and the Member Database ship-shape, managing social media
Bimbler or bagger? Bagger
Favourite area: After a recent visit to Jura I'm inclined to change my answer to there! Also love the Bowland fells for running around.
Favourite mountain: Either Cir Mhor on Arran or Bla Bheinn on Skye
Favourite cheese: Dovedale Blue or Tomme de Chevre (unpasteurised mountain goat's cheese)
Favourite whisky: Ardbeg
Favourite drink: Coffee, a nice pint of stout or a glass of red wine
Favourite pub: The Brewery Tap in Chester, otherwise the Clachaig
Likes: Really cold but sunny, still and dry weather
Spotted on a hike: Running
Aspirations: To win a Lakes classic fell race (e.g. Borrowdale, Ennerdale) and to complete the Bob Graham round
Favourite seat on minibus: The driver's seat!