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Exec of 2015/16

This year we welcome a new exec and sadly wave goodbye to some of our old exec who're graduating this year.


Emma Pearce

Position: President
Course & year:
1st year Undergraduate MSCi Biological Sciences
College: County
Responsible for: Overseeing the successful running of the club, running weekly exec meetings, liaising with LUSU, keeping the exec in line!
Bimbler or bagger? Depends on the day but starting to get into bagging
Favourite area: Exmoor
Favourite drink: Soda water and lime cordial
Favourite pub: The Borough
Likes: Walks, Languages, Pyjamas
Dislikes: Being stuck inside
Spotted on a hike: Pre-hike tea-drinking
Aspirations: Hadriens wall walk and The Camino de Santiago
Weapon of choice: The Spanish Language
Favourite seat on minibus: In the middle somewhere

Stephen Sammons

Position: Vice President
Course & year: 1st year Theoretical Physics with Mathematics
College: Furness
Responsible for: Making trips happen
Bimbler or bagger? Bagger, not just for the bag though!
3 Munros or £30? 3 Munroes- I pay more than £30 for a weekend trip to Scotland
Favourite area: Although Im not too experienced there, the western highlands are winning my heart
Favourite cheese: Anything crumbly
Favourite drink: Stream water on a hike, when Ive forgotten to bring a bottle
Favourite pub: Tap House
Likes: 1960s/1970s OS tourist maps, Food, Settlers of Catan
Dislikes: Not seeing a map on a hike, Big cities
Spotted on a hike: Dropping Gloves
Aspirations: Live in Scotland at one point in my life
Weapon of choice: Ice Axe?
Favourite seat on minibus: Behind the driver

Chloe Bowerbank

Position: Secretary
Course & year: 2nd Year Undergraduate Modern History
College: County
Responsible for: Writing the newsletters (AKA bothering everyone) and recording exec meetings.
Bimbler or bagger? Bagger, I'm a finisher.
Favourite drink: Whiskey, single malt, preferably Highland and over ten years aged.
Favourite pub: The Waterwitch
Likes: Hiking, reading and being a History nerd.
Dislikes: Public transport
Spotted on a hike: Kendal mint cake eating
Aspirations: Three Peaks Challenge and to run my very own museum
Weapon of choice: Stupid History facts
Favourite seat on minibus: Next to a window so I can gaze soulfully out at the scenery.

David Thomas

Position: Treasurer
Course & Year: 2nd year Maths and Physics
College: County!
Responsible for: Equipment
Favourite area Anywhere sunny
Favourite cheese: Camembert
Favourite whisky: Talisker
Favourite drink: A dark ale
Favourite pub: White Cross
Likes: Camping, fire, knives
Weapon of choice: Knife
Favourite seat on the minibus: Up front

Nathaniel Hough

Position: Gear Officer
Course & year: 2nd year undergraduate mathematics Msci
College: County
Responsible for: Making
Bimbler or bagger? Depends on the day but starting to get into bagging
Favourite area: Isle of Rum
Favourite drink: Gin Buck
Likes: The Lakes, good food
Dislikes: When people store gear improperly!
Weapon of choice: Superior technology
Favourite seat on minibus: Somewhere with leg room

Tom Hardie

Position: Safety Officer

Ellie Moore

Position Publicity
Course & year 2nd Year Fine Art
College Bowland
Responsible for Advertising our fantastic club!
Bimbler or bagger Bimbler - more time to enjoy the scenery (and photograph it)
Favourite area The Lakes!
Favourite drink Ginger beer
Favourite pub Still searching...
Aspirations A studio in the Lakes somewhere
Favourite seat on minibus Anywhere next to a window to enjoy the spectacular views on the drive in

Kieran Brahney

Position: Web Officer
Course: 4th year Computer Science
College: Cartmel
Responsible for: Keeping this website and the Member Database ship-shape
Bimbler or bagger? Bimbler - good views and good company beat bagging anyday!
Favourite area: Love the Lake District; I cannot resist going back year after year
Favourite drink: Real ales
Favourite pub: Graduate bar on a busy night with good company
Likes: Clear blue skys, sunny, good views
Spotted on a hike: Taking lots of photos
Aspirations: To run my own company and move back to Miami
Favourite seat on minibus: Near the door with all the leg room!