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Exec of 2017/18

Another year, another new exec!

This year we welcome Amy, Matt, Amber, Jenny, Kathryn and say a found farewell to Dan Whiles, Laurie Butler, Chloe Bowerbank, and Stephen Sammons...


Dan Walker

Position: President
Course & year: 3rd Year Physics
College: Fylde
Responsible for: Organising the exec.
Bimbler or bagger? Bagger.
Favourite drink: Scotsmac...
Favourite pub: Grad
Favourite area: Torridon
3 munros or £30? 3 munros
Likes: scrambling or climbing, ridges, good snow! In General: hiking, music, the outdoors.
Dislikes: Baked beans, midges
Spotted on a hike: Boots falling apart mid hike, toppling over for no reason, picking up fence posts, having to be shouted instructions for putting a harness on, confusing vegetables for rodents, probably a fair few more...
Aspirations: More outdoor climbing, more munros, hopefully all of them eventually!
Weapon of choice: Fence post
Favourite seat on minibus: By the sidedoor

Amy Oliver

Position: Vice President
Course & year: 2nd year French Studies and Geography
College: Grizedale
Responsible for: Organising the trips and transport
Bimbler or bagger? Bimbler
Favourite area: Anywhere and everywhere
Favourite drink: Red wine
Favourite cheese: cheese strings?
Likes: Languages, maps and gigs
Dislikes: Being behind 6ft tall men with afros at a concert
Spotted on a hike: Saying "it's so pretty up here! every two minutes
Weapon of choice: Puns

Emma Pearce

Position: Secretary
Course & year: 3rd year Undergraduate MSCi Biological Sciences
College: County
Responsible for: Cluttering up members' inboxes. General trip stuff.
Bimbler or bagger? Bagger judging by the ticket list and colour in map. But I like to bimble along in the process.
3 munros or £30? 3 Munros. Although I'd prefer 3 Wainwrights for the ticket list
Favourite area: Too hard to choose. Garth Farm, Snowdonia - maybe?
Favourite drink: Soda water and lime cordial
Favourite pub: The Waterwitch
Likes: Languages, travel
Dislikes: Sleep deprivation
Spotted on a hike: Looking at a map
Aspirations: Live in a few more countries, learn more languages, walk the Camino de Santiago

Matt Smith

Position: Treasurer
Course & year: 3rd year Economics
College: County
Responsible for: Managing the club's finances, overseeing transactions, generally making sure we don’t go bankrupt.
Bimbler or bagger? A bit of both, depends on how much energy I have that day
Favourite area: Lake District
Favourite cheese: Stilton
Favourite drink: After a hike it's got to be a pale ale
Favourite pub: The Waterwitch
Likes: Hiking, die Deutsche Sprache, music
Dislikes: Long journeys in small cars full of hikers and hiking gear
Spotted on a hike: Falling into rivers
Aspirations: Three Peaks
Weapon of choice: Crampons... once I get my head around them
Favourite seat on minibus: Next to an equally chatty person on the way there, next to an equally sleepy person on the way back

Nathaniel Hough

Position: Gear Officer
Course & year: 3rd year undergraduate mathematics Msci
College: County
Responsible for: Making sure the gear is safely stored, and is safe to use
Bimbler or bagger? Bagging until my knees tell me to bimble
Favourite area: Skye
Favourite drink: Generally lighter ales
Favourite cheese: Wensleydale with cranberry
Spotted on a hike: Taking cheeky photos
Likes: Hiking, Camping, Cooking, Climbing
Dislikes: When people take gear without telling me!
Weapon of choice: Terrible puns
Favourite seat on minibus: Shotgun

Amber Rowland

Position: Social Secretary
Course & year: 2nd year Medicine
College: Pendle
Responsible for: Organising Socials
Bimbler or bagger? Bimbler
Favourite area: Lake District
Favourite drink: Red wine
Favourite cheese: Camembert
Likes: The outdoors and red wine
Spotted on a hike: Looking for the pub
Weapon of choice: A bottle of red wine?
Favourite seat on minibus: Near a window

Jenny Allen

Position: Social Secretary
Course & year: 2nd year Marketing Management
College: County
Responsible for: Organising socials and protecting member's safety
Bimbler or bagger: Both?
Favourite drink: Baileys
Favourite pub: Grad
Favourite area: Anywhere I can hike!
3 munros or £30: Three munros
Likes: The outdoors, sports, travelling, people, socials, fun!!
Dislikes: Broken things
Spotted on a hike: Talking about food, taking photos or videos, making sassy comments
Aspirations: Do some cools stuff and meet some cool people
Weapon of choice: Stampede of sheep
Favourite seat on minibus: Anywhere next to my pals !

Kathryn Tovey

Position: Publicity Officer
Course & Year: Fine Art, 3rd year
College: Pendle
Responsible for: encourage hiking, publish hiking adventures, drawing sheep
Bimbler or bagger: Bimbler...After drinking tea- bagger
Favourite drink: Gin and Tonic
Favourite pub: The Waterwitch
Favourite area: Watersmeet- Devon
Favourite cheese: Brie
Dislikes: waking up at 6am, running out of teabags, blisters, shoelaces coming untied
Likes: drawing, painting, plants, pomegranates, warm socks, campfires
Spotted on a hike: looking lost and sunburned
Aspirations: drink tea in Japan, perform in cirque du soleil, complete a hike without falling over
Weapon of choice: lack of direction
Favourite seat on minibus: a window seat and quiet enough to fall asleep after hiking

Kieran Brahney

Position: Web Officer
Responsible for: Maintaining the website
Bimbler or bagger? A strenuous bimble with good views, I don't care what the mountains called
Favourite area: Love the Lake District; I cannot resist going back year after year
Favourite drink: Real ales
Favourite pub: Grad bar on a busy night with good company
Likes: Clear blue skies, good views
Spotted on a hike: Taking lots of photos
Aspirations: To do lots of travelling
Favourite seat on minibus: Anywhere with lots of leg room