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If you're new to the wonderful world of hiking and the outdoors, then things can seem a bit daunting. No doubt you'll have been piled high with information about the club, what we do and where we go, but you might be stuck with questions like "what actually is this scrambling people keep talking about?" or "where do I buy all this gear I need to get started?!". If so, then these few guides below aim to help answer those questions.


We love a good bit of scrambling in the club. Check out this guide if you're not sure what we're on about!

Winter Walking

During the winter months, the hills we know and love can become an altogether more serious proposition. Find out how to stay safe and enjoy the mountains during winter!


The guide has a few handy hits and tips to make the most out of our weekend camping trips.

The Gear Guide

We're always being asked for advice on what gear to buy, and so this simple guide aims to give you a bit of vital information before purchasing any new gear.

Freshers' Guide to LUHC

All the vital information about the club and the first term of the academic year summarised on one page!