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Freshers' Guide to LUHC 2017

Whether you're new to Lancaster University or just fancy trying something different, next term is the best time to join LUHC! This little guide aims to summarise some of the key information you'll want to know, from how to join to what we do and where we go.

You can join us at the Freshers' Fair (we'll be in the Great Hall), at our Introduction Talk (end of term 1, details TBC), or any term weekday at the Faraday Foyer, between 1-2pm.

Summit of Sgurr na h-Ulaidh on 2011's Glencoe trip, just one of the many walks on offer.

Why join LUHC?

There are many reasons why we reckon we're the best society on campus, and the best hiking club in the UK!
  • One of the largest societies in Lancaster and one of the biggest student outdoor clubs in the UK, meaning we are able to offer walks for all abilities, from gentle bimbles around lakes to epic peak-bagging missions, catering for everyone from modest Lakeland fell walkers to serious alpine mountaineers.
  • Membership is only £12, Sunday trips are only £10 and weekend trips are normally £30-40. We think this is great value for money, especially with diesel prices being what they are at the moment!
  • We have a huge selection of gear, from maps and compasses to crampons and ice axes, which is available for you to borrow for your own use if you wish.
  • As well as all this hiking, we have a great social atmosphere in the club. Every Monday night we meet in a pub for our weekly social, and plan many other socials throughout the year, from ceilidhs to meals out.

What's happening this term?

We've got some great events planned for this term - check out our calendar for full details.
  • Intro Weekend, week 3: Our first weekend trip of the term is always a bit of a special affair, and this year we're heading to Ullswater in the Lake District. We'll be staying in a bunkhouse there, which will make a nice change from camping! There'll be lots of walks on offers to suit most abilities.
  • Glencoe, week 5: THE event of the LUHC calendar. Glencoe is (as it always is) set to be a pretty special trip. We've been running the trip for so many years that LUHC alumni know to turn up and enjoy the good old times once more. If you only go on one club trip this year, make sure it's this one!
  • Winter Skills course, week 9: Every year we typically do a joint weekend trip with the mountaineers to Aviemore for the annual winter skills course. This course is be ideal for anyone that hasn't ventured out in winter conditions before and wants to learn how to use ice axes and crampons properly and safely. The course will be run by Mountain Circles, and more details will be posted closer to the time.
  • We've got no less than six exciting Sunday trips to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales lined up this term, each one costing only £10!

How do I sign up for things?

All of our memberships and trips are handled through the student's union website: LUSU Hiking Club. For more information, please read: how to join.

We also try to be at the Faraday Foyer every term weekday between 1-2pm, and this is when we take sign ups for trips and any socials that may be going on. You can also join the club here, ask any general questions you may have or just come along for a chat and get to know your exec!

In addition to this, you can sign up for week 1's Sunday trip to Langdale and the Intro Weekend in Ullswater (week 3) at our Introduction Talk which is held on the Monday of week 1 (stay tuned to the socials calendar and Facebook for event time and location).

Stay in contact with the club

We send members a newsletter each week with details of what's going on, but you can also keep up to date with events by liking us on Facebook.

More info

Check out the rest of our website for more information about the club, and if you can't find what you're looking for, you can always contact us via email or drop into foyer instead. Here's a selection of what you might be interested in: