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Here you can find out all the important information you need to know to join the club and come on our trips and socials.

Hiking trips

A trip every term weekend! Find out more about our Sunday and weekend, as well as legendary weekends such as Glencoe. There is also information about how to sign up for trips and what gear you need to bring.

Social life

Socials every week! Find out more about our socials, dinners, nights out and sociable weekend trips.

The Exec

Find out about the Executive Committee that are in charge of running the club.

About LUHC

A bit of general information about who we are and what we do, with a splashing of history thrown in there for good measure.

Club Drivers

Our drivers are essential for making trips happen. Find out how you can volunteer.

Miscellaneous Items

    Bits and bobs that don't fit anywhere else.
The Archives
An attempt to archive some of the club's history on the internet.
LUHC Songbook
We love a good sing-song, a tradition that probably originated from a lack of radio signal whilst driving through the Lakes.
Code of Practice
Every member must confirm they've read this before they're allowed on hikes with us.

Badger's Arse
Discover this legendary beverage, courtesy of Jim Heath and guaranteed to make the Pap on the Sunday of the Glencoe trip feel like the biggest mountain in the world.
The Constitution
The club's Constitution. Worth a read if you've got nothing else to do...
Our club sheep, Ron!
The Website
A brief history of the website, information about this version and a log of changes.