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The Mullwharchar

Many thanks to Dr Heath for his description of the rare Mullwharchar that inhabits the Galloway hills:

"Baby Mullwharchars can easily be mistaken for common lizards, basking in the sun. In contrast, the Mother Mullwharchar is a fearsome beast reputed to reach over 20m in length. It inhabits the rough, granite hills of the Galloway heartland and only emerges from its lair during conditions of thick mist and rain (its body size is so great that were it to become active during conditions of full sunlight, it would overheat and die within minutes). It feeds but once a year, when every spring it travels downstream to the Cree Estuary to gorge itself on shellfish for up to 3 weeks. The broken shells are regurgitated and scattered over the forest floor at the head of Glen Trool, before the creature lumbers back up through the tussocky bog to continue its reclusive existence amongst the granite boulders and secluded lochans that lie between Craiglee and Dungeon Hill."