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Hiking trips

So you've joined the Club, been bombarded with information about gear, beer and all things technical. Maybe you were even introduced to our friend Ron. That's all well and good, but you joined to get off campus, have a good time and wander up some beautiful mountains, right?

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Sunday trips

We typically plan six Sunday trips each term, most often to the Lake District. You can expect trips to locations such as Langdale, Borrowdale and Patterdale as these are always popular.

Sunday Trips involve jumping into a minibus to leave the Underpass at around 8:45am in the morning to enjoy a fun day in the hills. Upon arrival leaders will announce their walk plans allowing you to choose a day that suits your desire and ability. An easier walk could be 10km in length while a harder walk could be anything up to 25km and 2000m total ascent.

Walks tend to conveniently finish in a warm cosy pub where you can enjoy drinks and snacks while resting your tired feet and waiting for other groups to arrive. The minibus usually arrives back in Lancaster no later than 11pm, often taking a detour to a quality Fish & Chip shop for you to get something to eat.

Weekend trips

When the Lake District on a Sunday just isn't enough fun! Some of the best experiences to be had on trips are during weekends to places like Scotland and Wales; so much more can happen in a full weekend. Visits to lovely little towns, digging six-feet deep snow-holes, getting your feet wet at a secluded beach, drinking whisky and sampling cheeses in remote huts with strangers from Europe... they've all happened in recent years!

Weekend trips typically happen three times a term. We leave from the underpass on Friday afternoon/evening and arrive back reasonably late on Sunday. You're expected to bring extra gear such as sleeping bags, but the Club can provide bigger and more specialist items such as stoves.


This is your first chance to experience Scotland for the weekend and it's rather special. We've been doing this for so many years that LUHC alumni know to turn up and enjoy the good old times once more.

The only thing better than the surrounding mountains is the legendary Clachaig Inn and merry campfire songs late into the night. We hold a Glencoe Talk the week sign-ups start with plenty more details.

Winter Trip

To enjoy the Christmas Holiday and deep snow we try to find enough interest for a week-long trip to somewhere further away in Scotland than the usual term-time Weekend Trips allow. Recent Winter Trips have included a cosy cottage in Glen Shiel and a bothy near Ullapool.

Summer Holidays

Whilst the club doesn’t arrange anything official during the summer holidays, there is bound to be a group jetting off to some larger mountains in places such as the Alps or the Pyrenees. In 2011 a group of us spent two weeks in Les Ecrins National Park in the French Alps, and this summer saw a group of us in the Swiss Alps for a fortnight of mountaineering fun.