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Route descriptions

We are fortunate that the hills of the United Kingdom offer almost limitless possibilities for exploration, and any destination that LUHC visits will undoubtedly herald countless routes and walk options. The routes described on this site are hence only a small selection and aim to represent what our members believe are some of the best available in the country.

The full selection of routes can be seen by visiting our our Trip Destinations page and selecting the destination of your choice. We've roughly categorised them into the following categories to make it easier to find the type of day out in the fells you're looking for.

Easy walks

Lower-level walks, bimbles and festers around forests, lakes and up some smaller hills. Great for when the weather's not too great, or last night's Arse is still having an effect.


Our leaders like a good scramble and so you'll often get the chance to explore some of the country's finest crags and ridges. See our guide to scrambling if you're not sure what we're talking about!

Moderate walks

Most of our walks probably fall into this category, and it encompasses most reasonable-lengthed fell walks and standard (as well as tactical) Munro bags.

Harder scrambles/climbs

Whilst the club isn't insured to take you out on graded rock climbs, many of our members dabble in this fine sport and hence a few of the best routes are described on this website.

Heath-esque epics

Walks that are long enough or have enough ascent that they have most likely only ever been completed by Dr Heath himself.